Digital maturity pays off

Digital maturity helps generate savings and develop your organization.


Digital maturity means that an organization is actively exploiting the digital space and is keen to implement IT solutions within its structure. This year’s edition of “Digital Business Report” – research conducted globally by MIT and Deloitte, indicates that digital maturity goes hand in hand with the overall development of the organization.


According to the “Digital Business Report”, almost one in three companies, which represents a 30% growth year-on-year, can already be considered digitally mature. Every fourth company is at an early stage of adopting digital solutions or hasn’t started its digital journey at all, while 44% of companies are at an intermediate stage.


5 distinguishing features of a digital organization


Based on the report we have found 5 traits of a digital mature company. How does your company measure on these five areas?


1. Pace of growth. On average, business value of these organizations is growing by 23% faster when compared to companies that are not digitally mature.


2. Organizational culture and way of thinking. Digitally mature companies pay by 19% more attention to ensuring exceptional organizational culture, which boosts creativity and readiness to experiment.


3. Flexibility and distributed workplaces. Digitally mature organizations are by on average 18% more transparent and keener on distributed workplaces.


4. Productivity. These organizations put an emphasis on streamlining processes and continuous improvement. Digitally mature companies are, on average, by 16% more agile than the rest. Employees continuously identify their mistakes and wasted resources and search for better solutions so that the company can continually generate new sources of growth.


5. Easy access and common deployment of IT tools. Digitally mature companies use big data in their operational processes by 13% more frequently and make decisions based on insights generated in this way.


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However, mature organizations must also rise up to the growing expectations. Nearly half of the surveyed employees from digitally mature companies maintain that their tasks require continuous development from them, yet only every third employee is satisfied with the support provided by his employer in this respect.