Euvic and Rebtech join forces!

Press release: Euvic and Rebtech join forces!

Euvic and Rebtech will join forces to help with the acute resource need on the Swedish Business Intelligence market. With Rebtech, having some of the most experienced BI consultants in Sweden and Euvic groups vast pool of engineers and BI consultants, the partnership has the potential to help many Swedish customers looking to increase their data maturity at the same time as cutting costs.

“Macro drivers such as globalization and digitalization combined with the current pandemic have driven people to work remotely on a larger scale. These drivers combined, together with a high demand for BI resources, makes this partnership a killer” – Martin Hultqvist, CEO Rebtech

“In today’s complex environment it is crucial that companies create a strong ecosystem where each node in the ecosystem can play to its strength. In Rebtech we have found a partner that will be close to our customers and help them implement BI-projects. Rebtechs local Senior BI Engineers creates synergies with our pool of BI-resources and data engineers. We are looking forward to supporting Swedish companies with their data transformation journey.” – Andreas Södermark, CEO Euvic Sweden

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