General and Specialty Retailers, Grocery, Restaurants and Hotels


Need specialized retail software development services? We have helped many leading companies from the retail sectors, including global, regional and local retailers, e-commerce brands, online marketplaces as well as restaurants and hotel chains, to address critical challenges facing their business. With our help, they have managed to transform their business into digital business through complex IT systems modernization, launching omni-channel e-commerce solutions, automating their supply chain and various internal business processes. Working based on Agile frameworks, we have enhanced their ability to respond quickly to their customers’ changing needs, while reducing software development costs at the same time.


The products and services we deliver to our clients from the retail sector include first of all:

  • ERP and other key IT systems modernization.
  • ERP and CRM systems implementation and support.
  • Omni-channel solutions development and support.
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence.
  • Mobile retail solutions.
  • Cloud enablement.
  • Payment systems.
  • Digital Asset Management.
  • Collaboration and HR systems implementation.
  • Social touchpoints and other IT systems integration.